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Choose a topic you want to research. (Global changes in the Cayman Islands) The topic that you choose must be a global problem that is affecting the residents in the Cayman Islands. Please ensure that your topic is in a question form.(How does climate change affect Cayman Islands?)  
use this question (How will global climate change and ocean acidification affect ocean productivity and, ultimately, biodiversity in the Cayman Islands?) as the research topic.1
How Does College Education Help People in the Workplace to Become Successful?
International College of the Cayman Islands
EN-102: Composition and Rhetoric II: Advanced Research and Evidence-Based Writing
Shanomage Bailey-Henry
April 10, 2022
How Does College Education Help People in the Workplace to Become Successful?
People with higher education are more likely to be successful with well-paying jobs in
the job market and to carve out a unique career path. They are also more likely to develop good
analytical and reasoning skills, which will benefit their self-improvement according to a blog in
the University of Stirlin (2022). Based on information in the Cayman Compass written by
Whittaker (2020), furthering education is one of the keys to success in the economy. According
to Whittaker (2020), as Cayman strives to build its knowledge-based industry, the importance of
higher education will increase. He also stated that only one out of every four Caymanians
working holds a university diploma. Work-permit holders account for 35% of the population,
while permanent residents account for approximately 50% (Whittaker, 2020). While a good
education is crucial, not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to continue their education due
to unforeseen circumstances such as financial hardship. A college degree can help a person
succeed in the workplace, but it can also affect one’s personal growth in positive, negative, and
psychological ways.
I chose this topic to help people understand the importance of higher education in the
workplace. I feel that if I educate others, they will become less complacent and strive to improve
themselves. Everyone should position themselves to improve their chances of career
advancement. I would also like to dig deeper into this topic since it will help me to learn about
other people’s perspectives, whether they believe college helps people to be more successful in
the workplace or not. Additionally, I would also like to go over the advantages and
disadvantages of higher education in greater depth. This will also be beneficial to me as a
working-class individual in college.
University of Stirling (2022). Importance of pursuing higher education. Retrieved from
https://stir.ae/: https://stir.ae/blog/importance-of-pursuing-higher-education/
Whittaker J. (2020, August 18). Higher education is key to success in Cayman’s ‘knowledge
economy. Retrieved from https://www.caymancompass.com/:

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