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Reading: https://www.1pezeshk.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/0…CH1 An Animal of No Significance ( entire chapter 1: p. 3-19)CH5 History’s Biggest Fraud (Sub-chapter “the Luxury Trap” only p.84-88)CH6 Building Pyramids (Sub-chapter “The Prison Walls” only p.112-118)CH 10 The Scent of Money (entire chapter 10: p.173-187)CH16 – CH18 Read all three chapters – The Capitalist Creed; The Wheels of Industry; A permanent Revolution (p.305-375) What sentences are the most interesting to read? Explain why they were interesting.The author argues that agriculture was an improvement to make life better for Sapiens, but life became harder as a result. Do you agree with this claim? With that, what are your thoughts on the recent scientific revolution? Have advances in science and technology made life better for Sapiens?Money is a psychological construct, not a material entity. Since transacting with money is trusting the collective imagination, what creates this trust is a very complex and long-term network of political, social, and economic relationships. Do you agree with the author? Is money an object of trust and will as a fictitious order?If growth stops or if people’s faith to grow further in the future is gained-if trust is gained- how can it be done?If the state and the market replace the political and economic roles of the family and only serve as the emotional realm of solidarity, what is the concept of family in the modern economy? Are humans happy in community? Please quote the book directly for each question. Allowed to either agree or disagree with the author’s perspectives. Answers must reflect content from the readings

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