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Journal #3: In Chapter 1 of The Power of Serving, it mentions to “Get in the Boat”. When have you experienced a time where you got in the boat to serve?Attitude Poster
The purpose of this assignment is to reflect on the four aspects of the FISH philosophy, to think about how
these aspects are a part of your life, and to reflect on how they affect your life. This poster should reflect the
aspects of the FISH philosophy that mean the most to you and help you remain aware of your own attitude.
Course Objectives:
● Realize the role of attitude and its impact on our daily life.
● Explore the meaning, motivations, and gifts of service.
1. Consider this…If you were the author of FISH, how would you create a poster to explain the
philosophy from the book AND how it affects your life?
2. FISH Aspects
a. Choose two or more of the FISH aspects.
i. Choose Your Attitude,
ii. Be Present,
iii. Play,
iv. Make Their Day
b. This should be a poster that highlights and campaigns for your living out the 2+ aspects
you chose.
c. When the poster is viewed, it should be clear to the viewer what you believe to be most
important, and how it is being lived out (or how you want to live it out).
3. Creativity
a. Creativity is a major part of this assignment
b. Use words, illustrations, photos, memes, quotes, links, etc. to show how the chosen
aspects are incorporated into your life and/or how you wish for the aspect to be
incorporated into your life.
4. Presentation
a. You may consider using the electronic poster template provided and edit as needed, or
you may create an electronic poster using sites like Easely, Smore, or a site of your
b. If using the template provided, it is a formatted PowerPoint page, feel free add, delete, and
move boxes.
c. Edit the theme, background, and color as you see fit.
d. Keep the poster clear and well-organized.
5. Go FISH!
See Blackboard for grading rubric.

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