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DescriptionCJUS 750
This paper requires the student to justify their actions when faced with an ethical dilemma.
Choose one of the following ethical dilemmas and reflect upon what you would do if you were
the researcher.
1. You are interviewing college women who are anorexic, but whose anorexia is no longer
active, about their schooling experiences. You have arranged to interview each of your
participants at least five times over two consecutive semesters. During the third interview
with one participant, just after the winter holidays, you begin to suspect that her anorexia
is active again because of her obvious weight loss and a few of her comments. When you
ask her how her health is, she replies that she is feeling great. What do you do?
2. You are working on an intellectual biography of a well-respected police chief. Most of
your interviews are with the chief who has obviously consented to your request to
compose an intellectual biography, including some attention to his formative years. You
are reading all of his published works and interviewing some family members as well as
significant colleagues. In the process, you uncover some potentially damaging or, at the
least, unflattering information about his private life. What do you do?
3. You are inquiring into a refugee resettlement program in a small southern city, with
particular interest in educational aspects and community involvement. Through
development of rapport and time spent volunteering with the program, you begin to learn
how an early immigrant is seemingly taking financial advantage of recent refugees. He is
charging for information and services that should be provided through the settlement
program and people are going to him, rather than trying to get their needs met through the
program. You want to protect the new refugees from exploitation and to report the
behavior of the earlier immigrant, yet you also worry that perhaps you do not fully
understand what is happening culturally. What do you do?
Write on the potential ethical issues that might arise during the study you choose. What can you
do to minimize their potential? What would you do if faced with your ethical concerns?
Assignment Specifics:

Student will write a 10-12 paper (choose from one of the three scenarios above).
Citations from 10 scholarly sources.
Citations from any of the Learn material from the assigned module.
APA format.

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