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Respond to the peer below by furthering the discussion. The topic previously discussed for potential use attempted to identify the cause of educational gaps among low-income and high-income students who are provided the same curriculum. When reviewing the ERIC database the journals present included a host of content-specific works and several different areas related to education. When entering the topic mentioned above several results populated; the initial search used the keywords “educational gaps and poverty”. This populated over 12,000 results ranging from decades ago to more recent works. Previous searches did not involve going directly to a database; however, this method yielded more relevant information to the topic in question. The ERIC database does not require strategic wording when searching and will likely present relevant articles through simple searches (ERIC, 2023). When a topic search yields as many results as this topic it may be a good idea to review some limitations of current work to identify an area less traveled to utilize in lieu of the topic with a plethora of research.ERIC. (2023). Where can I find guidance on the best way to search ERIC? Eric FAQ – searching Eric. Retrieved February 10, 2023, from https://eric.ed.gov/?faq-searching

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