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Description11.1 Learning Outcomes:
1. Describe how planning your presentations leads to credibility.
2. Analyze presentation audiences in terms of message benefits, learning styles, and
communicator styles.
3. Organize and gather content for a preview, view, and review.
4. Develop effective slide presentations.
5. Use the storyline approach to presentations.
6. Evaluate your presentations for fairness and effectiveness
7. Describe how presentation delivery impacts your credibility.
8. Deliver presentations with authenticity, confidence, and influence.
9. Apply the SOFTEN model of nonverbal communication for presentations.
10. Use slides and handouts to supplement your presentation effectively.
11. Interact effectively with your audience.
12. Prepare to present effectively in teams
11.2 Action Required:

Chapters 14 & 15 in BUSINESS COMMUNICATION: Developing Leaders for a Networked World,
Peter Cardon, 4th Edition McGraw-Hill Education
• Watch the short videos at the following links:
11.3 Test your Knowledge (Question):

How plan and create an effective presentation?
Explain the SOFTEN model of nonverbal communication.
11.4 Instructions

Answer the questions in the test your knowledge section.

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