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Proposal portion of “Sources & Proposal”
The Assignment:
Write a brief research proposal in which you identify a topic that you want to address
and define the existing context for the topic, including how different groups have
engaged with the topic. Your research proposal should:
? offer a specific research question and BET thesis for your proposed project
? provide context, topic relevance and how it has been addressed by other writers
? make clear how your project will add new insight to a contested issue relevant to
the topic, whether through offering new information or analysis, proposing a solution,
or extending existing perspectives in novel ways
In this project, you will
? Identify a topic that you will research further throughout this course
? Narrow your focus from a broader “Food” topic to a specific issue
? Demonstrate your ability to analyze existing perspectives on the topic
? Develop a research question or claim focusing on the issue you will pursue

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