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Class Time: M W 2:20-3:35
This is an in-person class. There will be some classes that will be broadcast online for those with restrictions who have been authorized to attend virtually, but not for the entire section. Classes will not be recorded, but powerpoints will each chapter will be available.Instructor availability: I will attempt to make myself available to students at times that are convenient to them.
I will have office hours from 1:00 to 2:00 pm on MW and by appointment. We can use Zoom to hold meetings if necessary. My office number is 405D. The best way to schedule appointments is to talk with me before or after class so that we can schedule a specific meeting time.
This course will use online lectures, cross teaching and materials available on Blackboard to assist the students.
Text: Management 13th edition, Richard L. Daft, Dryden Press, 2017 or the 12th Edition 2013.This text should be available at the Russell House Bookstore and at the South Carolina Bookstore. Please let me know immediately if you have any trouble obtaining the book.
Instructional Objectives of this Course: There are three major objectives of this course:
1) To gain a basic understanding of those tools necessary to be a good manager;
2) To learn the basic tools and vocabulary of management;
3) Integrating management techniques into actual situations.
The specific objectives of the course are listed below:

Create an understanding of the potential opportunities that are available to businesses and communities.
Gain a deep understanding of the requirements to run a business operation
Students will be required to develop an understanding of the methodologies and techniques necessary to be successful in business by using management principles.
Students will gain an understanding of change management skills.
Students will be required to work together in groups take in class and online assessments.
Students will be able to identify technologies and procedures that offer opportunities for businesses to be successful in a competitive climate.

Learning Objectives
They key focus area of this course is to have students gain an ability to apply materials presented in this class to address real world situations faced by companies. This course addresses:

The identification of a problem or need
The search for potential solutions
The understanding of the four pillars of management
The development of an understanding of process and content theories
The establishment of reinforcement models
Addressing resistance
The use of motivation in the workplace
Communication with all affected parties

Benchmarking business components against market leaders
Wants/Needs development-Porters Five Forces, SWOT
Addressing future change through Convergence Analysis
Perceptual maps
Identification of type/nature of resistance
Assess ability to resist
Development of methods to solve resistance
Message Management
Change management procedures
OD Organizational Development protocols
Establishment of communications channels
EXAMS: There are two exams and a final. There will also be periodic quizzes that will be assigned throughout the semester. Many of the quizzes will come from in class exercises that will be discussed in class. Quizzes will be given in class and online using Blackboard. All quizzes will be counted and none will be dropped. Exams may be taken online. The online exams will be available for a specified period online, normally between one and two days.
Questions on the exams will come from the text, lectures and from discussion in class. Up to twenty five percent of all questions on exams will come directly from class lectures.

Course Outline and Assignments


1-2Introduction Chapter 1& 2
Online Assessment January 11th (Online No in person class that day)

2-3Management Structure and FoundationsChapter 4
Of Management
3-4Planning and Strategic ManagementChapter 7
5Planning and Strategic ManagementChapter 8
5 or 6 EXAM 1 OnlineIt will be available for 3 days)
7ControlChapters 19

8 Organizational StructureChapters 10

9 Organizational Structure Chapter 10

10LeadershipChapter 15
EXAM 2(It will be available for 3 days)

11 LeadershipChapter 15

14MotivationChapter 16
15Managing ChangeChapter 11

16 Interviewing Skills/Decision makingIn Class Notes

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