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Analyze a specific organization (i.e., a place of employment, a social organization, service organization, religious/spiritual organization, recreational organization, etc.) with respect to Likert’s System IV Management Analysis. This could be an organization where you are/have personally been a member, but it need not be. You may also talk with/interview someone else (friend, relative) with regard to their experiences at an organization. Explain which of the four “management systems” you think most closely fits the organization in question, and WHY. Keep in mind that the organization very well may not “fit neatly” into only one of Likert’s management systems. For example, it may contain some of the elements described by Likert, but not others. Or it may contain a combination of elements from multiple systems. This is all perfectly fine. But if so, explain not only which system you think is the “closest fit,” but also, which elements from other systems it may also exhibit. Above all, don’t be tempted to modify the actual elements of the organization just so that it might better “match” one of Likert’s descriptions. That would be silly. Finally, discuss how effective the management system is, and what you might change about the management approach to make it more effective, if it were up to you.

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