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Emerging Technology Assignment
For this assignment you will evaluate an emerging technology for use in healthcare. The topic selected for this assignment must be approved by your instructor no later than week 4.
This is the topic that was approved for me.
(You can use Cerner or Medhost for the Healthcare Application assignment. Be sure to address how the system is used to monitor outcomes of care and how it is used for quality improvement.   You also need to select a topic for the emerging technology assignment. Some of the topics for this assignment that you can select from include 
Devices and Hardware

Educational Technologies
Tools for Patient Access to Health Information)
Purpose and alignment with the course and student learning objectives
Synthesize nursing and non-nursing science with information and computer technologies
Evaluate the ethical and legal issues associated with the use of information and communication technology in healthcare delivery

Evaluate the role of informatics in the development and dissemination of nursing knowledge.
Analyze current and emerging technologies to support safe practice environments, and to optimize patient safety, cost-effectiveness, and health outcomes.
Evaluate the impact of health information exchange, interoperability, and integration to support patient care
Synthesize knowledge management principles with the nurse leadership role within the context of healthcare informatics
Evaluate programs that monitor outcomes of care and quality improvement.

General Instructions

The assignment consists of a paper  formatted in accordance with APA guidelines and will be divided in three parts:

Part One
Part one is due Saturday at 11:59pm on week seven. In part one you will:

Describe the new technology

Is technology interfaced or a stand-alone technology?

Need for this technology (ex. patient safety, communication, dissemination of nursing knowledge, patient education)


Ease of implementation

Use of technology in dissemination of nursing knowledge
Applicable nursing and/or non-nursing science (ex. systems theory, cognitive theory, change theory, etc.)

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