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Healthcare Quality Improvement Trends in Saudi Arabia (125 points)
Under the National Transformation Program within Saudi Vision 2030 goals of healthcare quality improvement in Saudi Arabia, substantial progress was made related to quality and efficiency of healthcare in KSA. 
For this assignment, you will conduct a review on the accomplishments regarding digitizing the healthcare sector to better facilitate access to quality and efficient healthcare services in KSA.   
Prepare a PowerPoint presentation detailing the following:
Discuss in detail the quality improvement outcomes that have been achieved with digitization in the healthcare sector in KSA.
Identify and examine the health sectors that are most impacted by these initiatives.
Discuss any major opportunities that are still present in working towards the continuous improvement of these initiatives. 
Discuss what tools would be most useful in the quality improvement process of these initiatives.
Discuss the next steps within the Healthcare Transformation Program related to expanding the provision of e-health services.

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