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DescriptionModule 6 Assignment (Group)
In this project, you will use PowerPoint or any other application using images and
graphics to design a network for a small fictitious company (Give the Company a name
and Location). Connection to the internet will be provided by an ISP (choose a real
existing ISP). The company is occupying 1 floor in a building. This floor contains the
administration offices of the company.
Here are the requirements for this floor:

The network in this building should service at least 20 employees.
Each employee should have at least one wired and 2 wireless connections.
This floor is the administration part of the company, and clients will not be accessing
it. However, the company would like to make 10 additional wireless connections
available for visitors that might be present in this floor.
There are two printers on this floor.
This floor also contains the servers of the company as well as the router receiving
the connection from the ISP and the main switch.
The following are the general requirements for the network:

The company requires the network for the floors to be the same subnet.
The floor requires only one wireless access point.
Wireless devices could be smartphones, tablets or laptops.
The company would like to have its own email domain and service. (Please indicate
the email domain used – EX: myemail@amazon.com)
The company would like the addressing of the devices to be static. (List the IP
address next to each device on the network)
The company would like to have its website hosted on a server from a well know
Domain Registrar (Choose a real web hosting company).
Security for your network.
In order to carry out this design project, you are required to answer the following
questions: (On a separate page)

What is the IP address class required to meet all the above-mentioned
requirements? Justify your decision. (Do research on the IP address classes and
pick the most appropriate for your design)
What are the specifications of the wireless access point? Justify your decisions.
Indicate how many servers you have used and what are the Specs?
Draw a simple diagram of your design, including the router, the wired
connections, the switches, the wireless access points and the servers and any
other component involved in your design.
Provide the names of all members on your team in the PowerPoint.

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