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You are planning a research study in which you will test the effects of three different teaching techniques on different groups of students. As part of your research proposal, you need to plan the sampling and data analysis techniques that are suitable for testing hypotheses so that the study procedures can be planned accordingly.
part 1 
1. Write the part of your research proposal in which you specify the sampling technique(s) to be used and the basic statistical strategies you will use to analyze the data. Explain your choices based on how they are suited to the nature of the research study. 
2. Be sure to read the REFLECTION section below to guide your thinking. Write your reflection after you have completed your research proposal.
3. Review the assessment rubric to see how your assignment and reflection will be graded.
part 2 
For each component of your research proposal:
    1. Explain how this component addresses the issues in the scenario.
    2. Give evidence from the chapter supporting this component (with citations).

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