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Journal 5, yes! We are practically 1/4 of the way through the journal entries for the semester. How cool is that? I have to confess that these odd numbered journals are some of my favorite things to read! You are not forced to write academically, and you are not including sources and worrying about proper citation methods. Instead, you get to respond to inconsequential, perhaps even silly prompts, to get the writing rolling for the week. I love the creative answers!

“Class Journals.” BBC, 2020.
To begin this assignment, compose your Journal 5 answering the following prompt:
Do you ever wake up and reflect on the “what could have beens”? What if . . . ? If you do, then this journal entry is for you. If you do not, then maybe it will give you food for thought. What if I told you that you could somehow write a letter to your past self, any past self you choose–it could be ten years ago before him/her/them, or it could be two months ago before you signed up for this class? If, in fact, you could go back and write that version of you a letter, what would you tell you ? Are there things you should have done differently? Honestly, I am a huge believer in the idea that everything happens for a reason, so there is not much point in messing around with the order of things, but, still, what if you could? Address a letter to yourself; begin it with “Dear Past Me” and indicate when in the past you are when you receive this letter.

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