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Consider this activity as a web quest.  Access Healthy People 2030 Links to an external site..  Open the Objectives and Data section.  Review the Leading Health Indicators, the Social Determinants of Health, and the Overall Health and Well-Being Measures areas.  
1. (20pts) Which Leading Health Indicators (LHIs) relate directly to this module’s topic of Diet and Health?  Explain why.
2. (20pts) Which Social Determinant of Health (SDOH) do you believe most directly aligns with this module’s topic of Diet and Health?  Explain why?  Could one or more of the other SDOHs align, too?  Which?
3. (10pts) Access the “How has Healthy People Changed” area.  What has changed regarding “nutrition” from Healthy People 2020 to Healthy People 2030?

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