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to answer the questios below please refer to filed attached below, one is a visual representation that i created and one is a reflective memo of the visual representation please answer following questions
Before you begin to revise for submission of the Information Design final draft, it’s good to think through what specific issues need to be addressed in your draft and consider all the topics discussed in the Feedback File. To help you strategically plan your revision, consider each draft individually, and respond to the following:

Identify an issue in the CFF that applies to your draft. How will you revise your draft to address this issue?
Do your visualizations represent data that is key to making your point?
Are each of your visuals effective–consider accuracy, type, design and color use?
Are the visuals effectively integrated into the document–consider labeling and placement in the document?
Are the visuals sufficiently analyzed and described within the document? This is important to ensure that the visuals are fully integrated into the document and contributing to the point you are making.
Is the document designed for readability and the specific needs of the target audience–consider use of headers, bullets, font size and type, and color use?
Is the purpose of the document clearly stated and consistently made throughout the document?
Is the content and tone of your report tailored to the specific needs and expectations of the target audience?Reflective Analysis
Why I selected the scenario
I selected this scenario because I am a business major and I am familiar with the process of
recruiting new students. I also wanted to highlight the importance of college education and the
benefits that come with it. What you learned I learned about the importance of conveying the
message in an engaging and informative way. I also learned about the importance of highlighting
the benefits of college education, such as the better pay and benefits compared to those who only
have a high school diploma. Lastly, I learned about the importance of making a personal
connection with the audience.
How I selected the data to visualize on
I chose to highlight the statistic that 86% of college graduates are able to secure a career postgraduation compared to 68% of people who only have a high school diploma. I visualized this data
in the form of a chart to easily compare the two numbers and make the point more impactful.
Decisions made to tailor report to target audience and the purpose
I tailored my report to my audience by making sure to highlight the benefits of a college education
and the importance of choosing the right college. I also made sure to make a personal connection
with my audience by using my own experience as a business major. I tailored my report to my
purpose by emphasizing the success of our graduates and the quality of the education we provide.
Fairness, clarity and accuracy of the data
I ensured that my visualizations of the data were fair, accurate, and clear by double-checking the
data sources and making sure they were reliable. I also made sure to clearly label my chart and
provide a brief explanation of the data I was visualizing. Finally, I made sure that the chart was
easy to understand by using a simple design and color scheme.
James Donley-Scott
As a current student in the College of Business program at the University of Super Fun, I
am proud to be part of a program that has a proven track record of helping graduates succeed. We
are holding a recruitment fair to encourage prospective students to join us. We take great pride in
the success of our graduates, and we strive to provide the best opportunities to ensure they can
reach their highest potential. With a college degree, 86% of graduates are able to secure a career
post-graduation, compared to 68% of people who only have a high school diploma. College is an
essential part of a successful future, with better pay and benefits than without a college degree. We
invite you to join us and explore the potential of the College of Business at the University of Super
The graph above shows what education level is most employed. Bachelor’s degree holders are the
most employed at 86% of graduates securing employment post graduation. Having a degree is
important, and it is shown here as people with a bachelor’s degree are much better off in the
working world after attaining a degree.
We encourage our minority students to apply to our business program as there are many
opportunities for minorities in our college. Our college is very diverse and looking to diversify
even further, we would love for all students, of all races to apply.
Above is a graph showing the breakup of races in our college. As stated before, we encourage
students of all races to apply, and we are offering great opportunities to minorities to join our
college to help diversify and expand our program.
Our college of business is the most popular college, and for a good reason. Our students are
consistently able to secure jobs after graduation and this has led to an enormous amount of attention
from our students. This is a clear indication that our college offers quality skills and every
employer would like to have in their mix of employees. Compared to other majors, our college of
business is far more populated and desirable. This shows that people come here for a reason, and
we strongly encourage you to apply as well.
We again encourage all to apply, and guarantee that your degree will be useful and well applicable
to any field you may pursue relating to our college. Please speak to an administrator regarding
further questions about our college and what it has to offer.
Data Analysis
From the data visualization, we can see that there is a significant difference in the percentage of
college graduates and high school graduates who are able to secure a career post-graduation. 86%
of college graduates are able to do so, compared to 68% of high school graduates. This shows that
college is an essential part of a successful future, with better pay and benefits than without a college
degree. It is also important to note that the quality of work of those who graduate from college is
far greater than those who only have a high school diploma. This data supports our mission to
provide the best opportunities to ensure our graduates can reach their highest potential.

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