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DescriptionPart 1
Read the ‘OPENING CASE: A Tale of Two Nations: Ghana and South Korea’ and answer the
following questions:
1. How have the different approaches toward international trade by Ghana and
South Korea changed the economic future of the two countries?
2. How would you characterize the policy followed by South Korea over the
past half century? Has the policy been successful? Explain.
Part 2
1. Go to The Atlas of Economic Complexity website.
2. Click ‘EXPLORE’. On the sidebar pane, select ‘PRODUCT’ and then from the
drop-down menu, select a product and then a sub-product until you reach
the HS4 level. For instance: Chemicals (5HS1) → Inorganic chemicals (28
HS2) → Iodine (2801 HS4). (HS stands for Harmonized Standards Code, the
number of digits of the code represents the level of granularity of the
definition of the product).
3. Once you have selected the product, explore ‘Tree Map’, ‘Geo Map’, and ‘Over
Time’. Write a short summary about the exporting of this product.
Part 3
Read the ‘CLOSING CASE: “Trade Wars Are Good and Easy to Win”‘ in your textbook and
answer the following questions:
1. What economic theory of trade do Donald Trump’s views seem most closely
aligned with?
2. Do you think Trump is correct? Are trade wars good and easy to win? What
does it mean to “win” a trade war? What does it mean to “lose”?
Part 4
Your company (You should create a company of your own!) is looking for exporting
opportunities and you are responsible for contacting a potential overseas
representative. Write a short introductory letter using the template below from
the Massachusetts Export Center(the template can also be found in the Supplemental
Materials folder).
Part 1
Read the ‘OPENING CASE: American Steel Tariffs’ and answer the following questions:
1. Donald Trump claims the new tariffs imposed on imported steel are vital to
the United States’ national security. Explain his argument. Do you agree?
2. Consider the long-term implications of policies like the one imposed by
Donald Trump on imported steel. What does it mean for the future
competitiveness of companies that rely on imported steel? What does it
mean for employees in those companies and for consumers?
Part 2
Watch the following video. The article can be found on the Wall Street Journal
Website .
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Some of China’s toymakers are looking at the trade war between the United States and
China as an opportunity rather than a threat.
1. Discuss the strategies of these toy manufacturers. Can they be successful?
Could their approach work for US companies that have been caught in the
trade war?
2. What are the different types of tariffs? Which type of tariff did Donald
Trump threaten to levy on toys imported from China. How would tariff
affect the company’s pricing strategy?
Part 3
Read the ‘CLOSING CASE: The United States and South Korea Strike a Revised Trade
Deal’ and (optional!) “Tankersley, J. (2018). Trump signs revised Korean trade
deal. The New York Times, 24.” (the article is posted in BB). Answer the following
1. Why do you think the Obama Administration pursued a trade deal with
Korea in 2012? What were the potential economic and political benefits?
What were the potential costs?
2. Is there any evidence that the 2012 free trade deal between the United
States and South Korea was a “job killer” as claimed by President Trump?
3. What were the motivations of the Trump Administration in renegotiating
the 2012 deal?
Part 4
You work for a pharmaceuticals company that hopes to provide products and services
in a new country (Choose from: European Union, South Africa, UAE, Brazil, Colombia,
Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan). Yet, management’s current knowledge of this
country’s/area’s trade policies and barriers is limited.
Search the 2021 National Trade Estimate Report and outline the most important
foreign trade barriers your firm’s managers must keep in mind while developing an
entry strategy into country’s pharmaceutical market.
Sokol Celo
MBA 750, FALL 2020
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MBA 750
FALL 2020

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