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 What are the benefits of using intralipids for fertility treatment?PHRC 7700 – Integrated Care
Drug Information Response Template
Note: Your drug information response should not be longer than 1 page in length!
Student Name:
Student NSU ID: (i.e,: cm1524– do NOT enter your numerical NSU ID)
Question: [enter your assigned drug information question here]
Paragraph 1: Background information about disease state topic and medication (including
Pharmacologic category, brand name, route of administration, dosing, renal or hepatic adjustments,
summary of warnings/precautions, etc).
Paragraph 2: Cite and discuss the specific guideline recommendations and level of evidence (when

You may want to start by saying something like According to the 2013 American College of
Cardiology/American Heart Association Guideline on the Treatment of Blood Cholesterol to
Reduce Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Risk in Adults, in patients
with…..(recommendation). Please insert the guideline that you used.
o Guidelines can include published recommendations from national organizations, such as
the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
Provided that you gave enough background about the disease state and medications before this
point you may want to discuss why this is. Was the reason this medication was recommended
because of its effect on morbidity and mortality, cardiovascular disease, potential side effects,
cost, etc? This information is typically found and elaborated on within the guidelines, textbooks,
and/or UptoDate. Also discuss the level of evidence behind the recommendation.
Paragraph 3: Primary literature to support the guideline recommendation

Summarize the primary article(s) that was used to support the recommendation. This would
include including the objective of the study, patient population studied, what were the two
groups (control and intervention group), methods and type of study, primary outcome, results
and conclusion of the study. This can mostly be pulled from the abstract of the study. However, I
do recommend reading the entire article as parts of the introduction, discussion and conclusion
may provide you with more information to include into other sections in the drug information
Paragraph 4: Conclusion (Overall Recommendation Summary)

Provide answer to drug information question that is adequately supported by literature
If drug information request requires a treatment recommendation, be sure to include a specific
therapeutic recommendation (medication, dose, route, frequency, duration, monitoring, etc.)

Cite in AMA format numerical order with superscripts in the answer
PHRC 7700 – Integrated Care
Drug Information Response Template

Use multiple references to answer drug information question – including treatment guidelines,
tertiary literature (i.e., treatment guidelines), primary literature, etc.
At least one reference should be primary literature

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