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Literature Review and methodology Critically review the challenges of launching an AI program in Saudi schools in the 2020s’.  & research methodology literature that has helped me to contextualize and conceptualize my research focus and its potential contribution to Artificial intelligence the new knowledgeIntroduction
We live in a time of scientific innovation, unprecedented technologies and unlimited new horizons, and
these new technologies such as artificial intelligence and the internet of thigs, if used optimally, can spare the
world many harms and bring the world may huge benefits (Crown Price Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, Saudi
Arabia 2020). According to Lan Barkin, Joch. (2020) Intelligent Automation, the computing technology in
Artificial intelligent (AI) have given businesses, government, and social-sector institutions more possibilities to
increase their productivity, innovation and contribute to humanity’s well – being at pace (Nguyen & Hekman,
As an over view, Artificial intelligent (AI) machine learning is about data and algorithms, but mostly data.
Multi-core, multi thread processors take complex Artificial intelligent (AI) computations and break them into
smaller pieces. And for businesses that rely upon intensive AI models, such as deep learning neural networks,
the more multi-threaded multi- cores, the better from a real-time compute and efficiency perspective (TIDD &
BESSANT, 2018). For example, students learn how to build Artificial intelligent (AI) based chatbot solutions
for the school website. The program dives deep into machine learning and natural language processing, creating
a memorial and meaningful project-based environment in the classroom. Students use best practices, which
increase innovation and creativity.
The country of Saudi Arabia tends to achieve the vision 2030 and looking forward to provide an easier
humanity life. Education is crucial element in Saudi Arabia and we are dedicating the future innovation on order
to compete on the real-world problems and solving complex issue using innovation. The vision of Saudi Arabia
is to contribute in the young population and lunch programs that increase students’ knowledge of Artificial
intelligent (AI). Working together as individuals and teams is almost always stimulated by ideas, innovations
and achievements of organizations Keeley, L. (2013). Our vision is greater Artificial Intelligent (AI) knowledge
leads to greater skills, expertise, enhancing job and economic opportunities. In fact, McKinsey estimates that
Artificial intelligent (AI) will generate up to fifteen dollars in value to the world’s economy by 2030. According
to Robinson K. (2017) organizations in the world are seeking for people who are flexible enough to adapt,
compete to find a solution to problems. The author focused on how business and communities could together
bring value to life. As mentioned in the slides, the future is coming fast and the world is changing faster than
ever and face challenge that are unprecedented by developing the advance technology. According to Robinson
K. (2017), As the world spins faster, organizations everywhere need people who can think creatively
communicate and work teams.
The mission of this business value is to provide all the community segments a high-quality learning and
continuously provide excellence in education with up data information and research by enriching the
experiences of moving toward the future and driving sustainable productivity growth. According to (Smith et
al., 2019) change is hard. And yet for most people to switch developing a new skill or training to do it. So, in
order to perform effectively, people need to keep progressing and practicing with new behavior, testing
different technic and focusing on learning gools. In Saudi Arabia they tend to add Artificial intelligent (AI)
course to general education as it is enhancing the future of the curriculum. The proposal has been presented at
the biggest tech conference LEAP 23. Academic leaders spoke about how innovated materials would motivate
students to participate in the process of creative thinking and practice. They announce academic sign strategies
and partnerships with institutions which that’s would allow us to continue this mission to supports the growth of
empowering the next generation builders and leaders.
My role regard to this value is to enhance and support the knowledge of Artificial intelligent (AI) and
focus on how such a program would promote the future education and awareness. Based on the research, it is
possible to solve a real problem and functioning in the universities overview of the relation between educational
challenges and educational innovation Yordanova, Z. (2019). We already had catch up with Intel Artificial
intelligent (AI) programs to bring both programs AI youth and AI for future Workforce to Saudi as an initiative
of the Kingdoms’ vision 2030. On the other hand, considering the scale of the challenging that might face the
students and teachers. In addition, investigating the question how the students and teachers respond to learn
about new AI program design. In fact, The expectation it part of the future conversation. But how it would be
successful is still investigation. The purpose of this value is to investigate how the new AI programs would
work, how the teachers would respond and what are the challenges might face the students.
In terms of the business value scope for this proposal is to build and enable the capabilities and
competencies of the next generation in the field of data and Artificial intelligent. Also, to discover the
distinguished general education students in the field of (AI). The big concern is to increase the awareness of the
(AI) knowledge through the cultural change. Our children have a lot to manipulate the possibilities of the new
tools and ways of thinking and they spoke digital as their native tongue because it is natural around them
Robinson K. (2017). The program is the direct features of digital culture that would enable deep understanding
of (AI) and demonstrate outcomes for both tech skills and social skills through showcase of youth projects. The
gool is to design it to become a sustainable professional growth. According to (Skjerven & Reitan, 2018)
sustainability is a crucial issue to emphasis on education, economy, social, environment and specially culture.
Therefore, working toward sustainment is matter of an institution that can help us face un-sustainment in all
abundant education, businesses, social and politics.

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