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Respond to all of the following (4) prompts below. Refrain from being scripted (meaning, simply give your analysis to respond…do not read from a script or notes); allow the element of critical-thinking to surface as you relay your perspective. This assignment is intended to allow you to practice key aspects of conversational public speaking by leveraging your personal perspective. Therefore, place an emphasis on your tone, body language, and allow your personality to emerge. These are vital elements for when you have to present your Group Capstone Presentation, at the end of the BAS Program. 
Video Prompts:

Based on your understanding of Herzberg’s two-factor theory of job satisfaction, what types of incentives or employee programs are most likely to reduce job dissatisfaction? What types of incentives or employee programs are most likely to increase job satisfaction?
Compare McClelland’s acquired needs theory and its emphasis on needs being shaped by experience and cultural background over time to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and ERG theory. Of these three theories, which do you think provides the most useful and realistic explanation for human development and motivation? Why?
Assume you are a manager of an auto dealership and all your sales people employees are achieving the goals they have set for themselves in terms of weekly car sales. On the surface, this would seem to be a good thing. However, what could be the problem with this?
To what extent are perceptions of procedural justice versus distributive justice a matter of perception? How could managers reduce inaccurate perceptions of workplace inequities?

Video Discussion Requirements:

Your submission can be a Youtube OR Kaltura VIDEO (Non-presentation mode)
Video submission needs to have student in the FULL video frame, (no floating heads… ensure you are in FULL frame from about waist —> up). 
Video submission must be 15 – 25 minutes. Videos cannot be under 15 mins and must not exceed 25 mins. Any submission that is 14:59 and under and/or 25:01 over will receive a ZERO for the corresponding time length section on the rubric. 

Budget approximately 4 mins for each prompt.
You may want to time yourself for each Video Discussion Prompt (this helps to train you to speak succinctly and concisely).
In your Group Capstone Presentation at the end of the BAS Program, you will be in a team of about 5 people… who all speak proportionally throughout… use these video submissions to practice speaking succinctly and concisely.

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