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Intelligence-led policing (ILP), also called predictive policing, has received a lot of attention. Read the following articles presenting two alternative views on ILP and answer the following questions: 
According to the textbook, what is ILP and how does it fit in with the basic responsibilities of policing (e.g. enforcing laws, providing services, preventing crime and/or preserving the peace)? 
Using the articles from Police Chief Magazine and the Tampa Bay Times, what are the pros and cons of a police force adopting ILP techniques?
Using the textbook, compare and contrast the warrior mentality with the guardian mentality (pg. 75). How does ILP fit in with either of these mentalities of policing?
If you were Chief of Police, would you consider adopting ILP. Why or why not?
Intelligence-led Policing: Changing the Face of Crime Prevention – Police Chief Magazine
Pasco’s sheriff created a futuristic program to stop crime before it happens. It monitors and harasses families. | Investigations | Tampa Bay Times

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