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The purpose of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to research an area of
health that you want to learn more about, and give you practice in finding sources,
reading and summarizing health information, and analyzing these different types of
sources. This assignment will help you learn how to:

Interpret and evaluate health and medical information from general and subject
specific library and web sources
Communicate orally and in writing in the scientific language of the discipline
Analyze the reliability of multi-media delivered health information
1. Choose Your Topic
Your topic can be anything related to health and wellness. To start, think about a
question you have related to health. Maybe it’s something like “What causes acne?” or
“How harmful are e-cigarettes?” or “Are creatine supplements safe?” Or perhaps you
don’t have a specific question, but you want to learn more about one of the topics in
our health course. For example, your topic could be: “risk factors for type II diabetes”,
or “stress in college students”. I recommend you pick a topic that YOU have a
personal interest in, because this will make your writing assignment more enjoyable
for you.
2. Find Your Sources
The first thing you will need to do is find your sources. You will need 2 websites and
1 peer-reviewed research article from the library database. Of your 2 websites, 1 must
follow the guidelines for a trustworthy website (government, university/college,
professional organization/hospital, major nonprofit/philanthropic organization).
3. Write your Summative Annotated Bibliography
Next, you will need to summarize and analyze the information from your sources.
Below are the assignment guidelines and a video outlining how to write your
Here are the requirements:

Minimum 1000 words (~3 pages, plan on 1 page per source).

All 3 sources must be related to the same topic.
1 website must follow in-class guidelines for a reliable internet source:
government, college/university, national association, major philanthropic
The research article must be from a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal and
published in the last 10 years.
All sources must include a citation (MLA7 or 8 or APA format-same for all 3).
Summary/analysis should include all of the following for each source:
o Summary of the important points of the article
o Description of the author/organization and their credentials
o Purpose of the article and intended audience
o Comparison to your other sources and analysis of this source’s contribution to
your topic; particularly regarding
▪ Trustworthiness of source
▪ If/how this source is informative/helpful regarding your topic
o Paper must be typed and submitted via Canvas and will be checked for
similarity with SimCheck
Please note – you will have to submit this assignment as a document upload – no text
entries are allowed.
To see an example paper, click the link below. YOU MAY NOT USE ANY PORTION
Example Paper
How to Complete Your Assignment [File Upload
Submit your work here in the CANVAS system as a Word 97-2003, .docx or
other word processing file. (Google Docs, Open Office are also acceptable. If you are
using iWorks, please convert to one of these file formats, as sometimes it can be
difficult to view your document.)

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