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First, find a work of non-fiction that focuses on:

the High or Late Renaissance period – Northern or Italian, or
a specific artist such as…

Hieronymus Bosch
Albrecht Durer
Hans Holbein

or perhaps even a specialized topic: patronage, women of the High Renaissance, etc… as long as the subjects fall within the period of the High and Late Renaissance (1495-1600), and is about art – then it works!  This book should be recently published – after the year 2000.  

Then, construct your post:

In your own words, describe the topic and main focus of the text.  Embed the image of the book and where you might purchase it (Amazon sells almost everything, but I highly encourage you to look up the book from the actual publisher).
This book should bring something new to the table.  If it is a re-print of an older book, it doesn’t count.  If it is a biography of an artist, what is the new angle?  All of these artists have been written about A LOT, so what’s the newest take on these very famous people?
Additionally, research the author(s).  What are their credentials?  What makes them an authority on this topic?  
Also, who is publishing this book?  Does the publishing company appear to be reputable?

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