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Read and think through the options and alternatives suggested by these questions before building the Project Budget. When the Project Budget is completed, answer the following questions, and submit them as a Microsoft Word document. “Yes” or “No” answers with no explanations or discussions are not appropriate answers.
How did you determine the right resources? Were other similar projects used to help determine resources that might be needed?

Was a salary website or the Department of Labor website used to help determine the hourly rate of the labor resources? If not, how were hourly rates determined?

Did you revisit the project charter to ensure resources were consistent with the SCOPE of the project? This is particularly important in the case of non-project team resources. For example, if a server or telecom closet is to be built, do the resources include construction types of resources? And did you consider mountings or furniture for the IT equipment in the bakery areas?

Did the total project cost exceed Mamma’s stated budget? Why or why not?
What contractors or vendors might be involved in the project and what products or services would they provide?

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