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Haskins and Sawhill “Perspective on Poverty”
Personal effort and outside circumstances appear to have been set up
socially as competing explanations for poverty. Must they be?
In the beginning of the article, it discusses the debates on how society as a
majority view helping those in need due to assumptions that we as a society
created. It begins with how this issue is split politically and how it is split in
everyday citizens. On the political side it primarily focuses on the economy.
One side sees how jobs are unable to pay living salaries, which requires
government spending to help those who are struggling to find a jobs and good
pay. While the other side believes that with an education and hard work, you
are able to find that job and salary and essentially find the “American Dream”
many immigrants found in the past. As for the views of societies and everyday
citizens, the main consensus is that when you are born, you don’t have your
choice in social status, your parents, your race, etc… which would fall under
circumstances. As for personal effort, this is where hard-work, creating your
own opportunities, and how hard you are willing to push for the outcome you
want, comes in. Overall, coming to the conclusion, that we need to find how to
differentiate between who is unwilling to work versus unable to work. I believe
that this was a societal creation that competes against itself.
NPR (Ansell) “Life, Death and Politics’: Treating Chicago’s Uninsured”
Is healthcare a right or commodity?
Dr. David Ansell went into medical school, the same way I have heard many
do. With the dream to help people and learn the correct steps to do so. The
beginning of the article starts with when he first stepped foot into the
emergency room. It stated that he had to run out because of, what I believe,
was gruesome and heart wrenching. Healthcare today has so many
restrictions and procedures to follow, which puts seven those with insurance
at a disadvantage. Ansell explains how when someone went to the doctor in
need of immediate treatment, they were required to do so. Now, it is months
before you can even get in to see the doctor, let alone fix the problem. Our
country has turned healthcare into a commodity. But, I agree with Ansell, that
it is a right.
Student 2 Haskins and Sawhill
Do people who “play by the rules” always get out of poverty? Does everyone
have the same ability to play by the rules?
No, not always. People who are very fortunate to get out of poverty depend on
their selves to grow, obtain an education, Housing, and rely on health care.
There are always disparities among this group because every poverty
situation is hard to get out of. People who, “play by the rules” are the person
to have an education and land into a well-paying job that helps them get out of
poverty and provide other commodities like health care and money aside for
emergencies. Everyone is not as fortunate depending on education and
knowledge, it is hard to say that if they all take this route that they will be
successful to get out of poverty. Some people have a significant amount of
bills, mortgages, illness, or don’t know how to manage their day-to-day.
Burd-Sharps and Lewis
How do you conceptualize inequalities associated with poverty beyond
The main items that help people are education ,environment , health and
wealth.This can help you become more knowledgeable in making healthy
choices and navigate life. This includes education and a degree that could
help you go up in status to improve yourself and to get a job. The changing
environment could help you improve yourself not only to focus but to maintain
a more healthy lifestyle, including connections to people that could help you
learn more. Managing your health and your wealth can teach you things about
saving and budgeting, which is more helpful than just making an income
regardless of spending habits.

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