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Description1. Discuss the degree it is economically feasible to replace petroleum and natural gas energy
resources with alternative options such as wind and solar.
2. Discuss critical factors necessary in the development of a strategic reverse logistics information
system framework for improving customer service.
a. Response to 2 students (I will provide)
3. There are some exciting ethical issues with the use of technology in reverse logistics. Please
explain how you would handle a very close co-worker that was your friend who violated
company rules for ethical behavior. Please discuss openly and candidly. Also, when security and
ethics violations do occur, what should be the penalties for each occurrence?
Also, consider that Tesla has already created a ‘self-piloting’ vehicle. Consider who is ethically
responsible if a ‘self-piloting’ vehicle hits a pedestrian. Is it the owner of the car, the
manufacturer, or the person who was in the driver’s seat?
Each number response should be 100 words or more. For #2 responses should be 100 words or more

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