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Short Essay:
What positive outcomes could result from implementing job enlargement, job rotation, and job enrichment in an organization with which you are familiar? What objections or obstacles might be encountered?
Think of a job that you have done in your life that you really enjoyed. Now also think of a job that you did that you hated going to work. Now with both the job you loved and the one you hated, what were the levels of competence, self-determination, impact, and meaningfulness that you felt in each job? Compare the two lists. What do you see?
Imagine you are considering starting a new job or leaving your old job for a new one. What aspects of a company’s integration of work and life would you consider an important factor in your decision?

Application Essay:
Imagine that you are the manager of a small clothing manufacturer. You wish to retain your more senior employees, who typically work faster in completing each item of clothing than newer employees. Nevertheless, because 80 percent of your current workforce is over 50 you need to incentivize new hires in order to be sure you have an adequate supply of skilled workers in ten years’ time. Devise an extrinsic reward plan that rewards skilled workers as well as new workers who need to acquire skills.

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