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Overview, inhabited localities, and topography 
How strongly do you believe in the value of education? Who in your life is responsible for instilling this value? Do you consider yourself to be a more linear/sequential learner or a random-patterned learner? 
What is your dominant language? Do you have difficulty understanding other dialects of your dominant language? Have you traveled abroad where you had difficulty understanding the dialect or accent? What other languages beside your dominant language do you speak?
Family roles and organization 
How would you classify the decision-making process in your family—patriarchal, matriarchal, or egalitarian? Does it vary by what decision has to be made? Are gender roles prescribed in your family? Who makes the decisions about health and health care
Workforce issues 
How timely are you in reporting to work? Do you see people in the workforce who do not report to work on time? What problems does it cause if they are not on time? What would you do as a supervisor to encourage people to report to work on time?
Biocultural ecology 
Do you have difficulty assessing rashes, bruises, and sunburn in people with a skin color different from yours? Do you have difficulty assessing jaundice and oxygenation in people with a skin color different from yours? How does your assessment of skin differ between patients with light versus dark skin? Do you take precautions and protect yourself against the sun? Why? Why not?
High-risk behaviors
In which high-risk health behaviors do you engage? What do you do to control or reduce your risk? Which high-risk health behaviors do you see most frequently in your family? In your community? What might you do to help decrease these high-risk behaviors? 
What are your personal beliefs about weight and health? Do you agree with the dominant American belief that thinness correlates with desirability and beauty? What does food mean in your culture besides satisfying hunger?  
Pregnancy and childbearing practices 
Does pregnancy have a special meaning in your culture? Is fertility control acceptable in your culture? Do most people adhere to fertility control practices in your culture? What types of fertility control are acceptable? Unacceptable?  
Death rituals 
What terms do you use when referring to death? Why do you use these terms? What specific burial practices do you have in your family/culture? 
With what religion do you identify? Do you consider yourself devout? Do you need anything special to pray? When do you pray? Do you pray for good health? How do religiosity and spirituality differ for you? What gives meaning to your life? How are spirituality, religiosity, and health connected for you?
Health-care practices 
What do you do to take responsibility for your health? Do you take vaccines yearly to prevent the flu or other illnesses? Do you have adequate health insurance? Do you have regular checkups with your health-care provider? 
Health-care providers
What alternative health-care providers do you see for your health-care needs besides traditional allopathic-care providers? For what conditions do you use nonallopathic providers? Do you think traditional health-care providers are as valuable as allopathic health-care providers?

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