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According to Karl Marx’s explanation of capitalism, the capitalistic economy of the US, for example, is more concerned with private ownership than social inequality. Capitalism embraces high concentration of wealth in the hands of few. Simply put, too much is never enough when you are rich. To all students who are rich, legitimately, we are happy for you. Enjoy it!
Differential Opportunity theory, according to Cloward and Ohlin (1960), further explained how two different structures of opportunity exit in our country. They are legitimate and illegitimate opportunities. For example, wealth inherited is legitimate opportunity but ill-gotten gain through drug trafficking is illegitimate opportunity.
When the Eskimos learned that Wolves have insatiable appetite for fresh blood, they weaponized it against Wolves. For example, the Eskimos would stick, in the snow ground, sharp-edged blades coded with fresh frozen blood. When a Wolf licks the fresh frozen blood, the blades cut its tongue. As blood from the Wolf’s bleeding tongue commingles with the frozen blood on the blades, the Wolf would lick even more. The Wolf, not realizing it is feeding on its own blood with a cold numb tongue, would collapse, and while still licking the fresh blood, bleeds to death. Sadly, this scenario correlates to the drug problems, especially in our country.
Based on the concepts described, answer the questions below.
Watch these short videos to get your thoughts going…..
“CIA are drug smugglers.” – Head of DEA said this too late for Gary Webb

Drug Tunnel | National Geographic

Drug-Trafficking Granny | National Geographic

73 Year Old Grandma Drug Dealer
British Grandmother Sentenced to Death for Cocaine Trafficking

Pakistan’s drug addiction problem

Drug Addiction
Discussion Questions:
——You don’t have to answer every question below, but you do need to answer at least 5 questions. Basically, answer the ones that are most appealing to you.
1)     According to Julius Wilson (1935), the “ills of society,” may explain reasons why some people engage in deviant behaviors. The ills of society, for example, may include poverty, materialism, the struggle for power, prominence and prestige, and the love of money. These reasons, true or not, offer some explanations of why some people chose to become drug dealers and smugglers. With that said, what do you think it would take for a person to be an effective drug dealer or smuggler into America, knowing that eventually he/she might be, at best, caught and sent to prison, or worse, killed or have their family members killed?
2)     Jeffrey Reiman (1979) posited in his book that “The Rich Get Richer And The Poor Get Prison.“ And for some people, this notion maybe true as selling or smuggling drugs become a way out of family generational cycle of poverty. Most of us would disagree with such options; however, think about this scenario. A friend, who you know comes from a family cycle of abject poverty, confides in you that he/she will be paid $1 million dollars for a one time drug smuggling run into another country. What would you say to this friend of yours?
3)     Who would you suspect are the main drug smugglers into our country, the proletariats (the Poor), such as local neighborhood street drug dealers with high school or less education, the immigrants who come into the U.S. as means of survival, or the American bourgeoisies (the Rich) with private airplane jets, and others who do not go through the airport checks points of TSA?
4)     The United States of American is one of the most affluent countries in the world. We are a nation of conspicuous consumers (Macionis, 2016), an insatiable appetite that creates profitable market of supply and demand, a demand that, unfortunately, includes huge monetary profits for illegal drug dealers and smugglers into the U.S. What role do you think America’s appetite for illegal drug use plays in drug smuggling into our country?
5)     Building a wall between the United States and Mexico has politically romanticized the impression that America’s drug problems, especially the opioid addiction problem, would end once the wall is built. Without denigrating any political regime as people propose ideas they believe could solve America’s drug problems, what are your thoughts on this issue? What ideas do you, yourself, have to solve America’s drug addiction problem since drug treatment programs are not working for most people?
6)     When it comes to the issue of drug problems, globally, what do you think is most responsible for human drug problems, the lust of the flesh – (things that make you and your body feel soo… good), the lust of the eyes – (a state of mind that is always wanting more luxuries of life or to always have more than the “Jones”), or the pride of life – (self-serving, arrogant, boastful, bombastic, an egotistical and exaggerated perception of oneself – you know, “I’m all that plus a bag of ‘chips”)?

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