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Movies:  sunset boulevard (1950) and Chinatown (1974)
For all of the essays I want you to compare the two thematically matched films.  This should not be a review!  I want you to share your insights, what you liked, didn’t like, how it they compared, etc…  Reference the reading or any other outside materials, and my comments from the video lectures.  I need to know you saw both films, and your thoughts on the topic at hand.  
Some general comments: 1) I must see some reference to the text and/or outside research in your essay.  2) Those of you who watched Visions of Light have a much better understanding on where cinema came from and where it is headed.  I encourage you all to watch it.  As I said It makes me want to watch a bunch of films and make a bunch of films. 3) I am very interested in your thoughts on the films.  Show me you are curious.  Expand beyond the 250 words.  Connect these films with other films you have seen. Go beyond just what you are watching

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