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Compare and contrast two theories and/or practices tied to mindfulness and the relationship to wellness across the lifespan. (Eg. Formal Meditation Practice,  Mindfulness-Based Art Therapy,  Benefits of Nature, Animal-Assisted Therapy,  Benefits of Exercise and Movement, Loving-Kindness Meditations, Yoga Therapy, etc..) 

Identify the two theories/overarching concepts and/or practices and what makes them unique to lifespan wellness? (This could be exploring the why & how.) 
Articulate how these unique approaches could impact your own personal wellness plan.
Identify whether or not these would be something you could integrate into your own life and how you would do it. If it isn’t something you could integrate, explain why not.

Example #1:  Compare and contrast the benefits of animal-assisted therapy and connecting to nature.  Would you integrate each approach now or at some point in your life? Why or why not? What benefit(s) would inspire this integration?
Example #2: Compare the theory/overarching concept of mindfulness to a particular mindfulness practice, such as a body scan. Mindfulness is a word we hear a lot in society today. What are the benefits & perhaps costs of this? How about actual mindfulness practice (awareness of breath, body scan, …)?
Example #3: Consider the use of art and the use of music across the lifespan.

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