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 select a hotel, resort, restaurant, event or other elements of hospitality, tourism and event system and have it approved. You will work as a team to develop a detailed Marketing Plan using the attached outline as your guide, using research that you gather to assist you in determining the elements of the plan. I CHOOSE Gordan Ramsay North America
Executive summary- 1-2 pages (10 points)
? Summarize your plan and include: 
o Current environment that requires some retooling
o The situation facing your company that requires a change in strategy 
o Proposal for your plan- big picture (Originality is important. That is, you cannot use the company’s existing strategy.) 
? For example: Targeting a new market, developing a new product, expanding to a new area/location, altering the promotional strategy
o Briefly describe how that plan will be enacted (marketing mix) 
o Explain your budgetary constraints (broadly how much money you plan to spend and how much benefit you can get) 
o Marketing plan objectives (i.e., increase room rate, increase awareness, increase food bill, etc.), 
o Measure of success (i.e. what kind of measures—should be related to your objectives) 
Additition information Gordan Ramsay SWOT AnalysisStrength: 1. Famous Brand 2. High Quality Ingredients 3. Variety of Food ChoiceWeakness: 1. Low rating reviews 2. Inconsistent of service/food quality based on different locations 3. Staff TrainingOpportunity: 1. Utilize local ingredients since there are many different locations 2. Different menu items based on different locations, seasons and holidays 3. Consumers’ high expectationsThreat: 1. Local Fine Dining Restaurants 2. Consumers’ high expectations 3. Supply Shortage

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