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DescriptionCompany Research
The company being used: Sam’s Club
Research the company and document the descriptive details (Name, Logo, SWOT Analysis, Competitive
Strategy) and the ten strategies of the selected company. Describe how the company chosen
approaches the ten strategies and/or a description of how the individual strategies affect the company.
It is acceptable to choose one segment of the company. For example, if you chose a company such as a
grocery chain, you could explain how they go about staffing their stores for operational hours, not
necessarily their corporate staffing. What you are doing is providing evidence that you understand the
10 strategies.
Using Sam’s Club provide the strategy (Name, Logo, Mission Statement, Vision Statement,
SWOT Analysis, Competitive Strategy, Primary Product/Service) and will describe how all ten of
the OM Decisions from the above list apply to the industry and/or company. It is recommended
that each student document the ten decisions of the selected company. The Word document
is to be double-spaced, between 6 to 8 pages long, and will provide an analysis of the company
with respect to each of the 10 operations management decisions.
Include a reference page as well.
This paper is not required to have a specific format, just make sure it is double-spaced and it should
be 6 to 8 pages long.

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