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The issues of diversity and inclusion within corporate and educational organizations have gained prominence over the past few years. One of the considerations before seeking employment at a specific institution is aligning yourself with their diversity and inclusion policy or value statement. As an example, NOVA’s
Office of Diversity, Equity And Inclusion – Northern Virginia Community College (nvcc.edu),
located on NOVA’s website under “About NOVA”, is as follows:
“The Office of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion is committed to advancing Inclusive Excellence to improve the well-being and success of all NOVA students, NOVA faculty, NOVA staff, and community members. The Office of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion works in collaboration with all facets of NOVA to elevate the acceptance of different ideas, values, beliefs, intersectionalities, abilities, and perspectives while also advancing equity as aligned with the 
Mission & Vision – Northern Virginia Community College (nvcc.edu)
NOVA Strategic Plan 2017-2023: Pathway to the American Dream – Northern Virginia Community College (nvcc.edu)
help create and sustain a more inclusive and accepting college community.”
1. Identify an organization aside from NOVA, locate their diversity and equity value statement or policy (look for an “About Us” or similar link) and respond to the following:
Copy and paste the organization’s diversity and equity value statement or policy; citing the organization in which you obtained it from.
After reading the diversity and equity value statement or policy, what two aspects do you connect to specifically?
If you wanted to clarify or better understand the diversity and inclusion value statement or policy, what specific question would you ask somebody who works at the organization?

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