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Using the learning materials from this module, develop a presentation on techniques or strategies for managing stress.
As you are keenly aware, managing family life, academic life and work life can be very stressful for students. Imagine you are presenting information to new college students. Your audience can be: 18 year old new high school graduates, adult (over 25) students, second degree students (they are changing their career field entirely and are seeking a second degree) or transfer students (transferring to NOVA).Stress
for Cat Owning
Margarita Martinez
Always Feed Your Cat!
– Cats are at their best when not hungry.
– Cats will make your life miserable if you do
not feed them.
– Cats will wake you up or interrupt you if
food is not available.
Groom your Cat!
– Don’t stress and brush your cat.
– Cats need to be brushed to limit the amount of
– Cats don’t shed at much when they are brushed.
– A healthy groomed pet is going to equal less vet
care (save money!)
A cats “purr” is therapeutic!
– Cats purr at a frequency that can aid in healing.
– When cats are sick other cats will lay next to them and
– People with mental health issues have benefit from the
love and purr of a cat.
– Cats have been helpful in nursing homes and hospital
rooms to help patients well being.
Play with Cats!
– For health self esteem cats need to play.
– Cats prefer to play that mimic hunting.
– Humans who play with cats can experience fun,
laughter and great photos/videos to bring joy to
the world and the internet.
Adopt Don’t Shop!
– You can adopt a cat and save a life which brings overall good
– Most shelters adopt out cats that are at their best health.
– Shelters provide support and pet care classes/workshops.
– Shelters help with the overpopulation of pets in the wild.
– You can find specific breeds and cat personalities that best match
your lifestyle.
– www.catsarethebest.com
– www.everyoneshouldhavecats.com
– www.MzMartinezisCatCrazy.com

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