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DescriptionAssignment Content
This assignment is to be completed in essay format, not bullet-style responses. You should
complete two pages, double spaced minimum and three pages, double spaced maximum.
The only resource you should need to utilize is the assigned reading. Please make sure to cite
information from the video properly (either in MLA or APA format).
After reading the excerpt from Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek attached to this assignment, you
will complete the following as your final written assignment in order to reflect on the impact of
your decisions.
Imagine that you are given the opportunity to re-live your incident. During this version of the
incident, you demonstrated a deeper commitment to your personal and academic integrity.
When considering how Sinek’s writing on integrity could influence your decision-making, use
the following prompts to guide you as you complete this assignment:
o How does Sinek’s writing influence your decision making in this incident? Specifically,
what is different in this incident and why?
o When considering Sinek’s writing, what could you do differently in the future if
presented with a similar scenario?
o In what ways does Sinek’s writing impact your perception of both the Honor Code
policies and the tenets of the Carolinian Creed?
o How can you implement a greater focus on integrity going forward to ensure you are
engaging in responsible academic practices?
o How can you keep the “key problems” that you discussed in your Incident Narrative in
week one from being a problem again?
o List one passage or quote from the text that stuck out to you most and explain why this
section had the biggest impact on you.

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