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DescriptionFCS 3150: Global Ecology of the Family
Comparative Research on Cross-Cultural Families
What to do?
Students will choose from a cross cultural research article. A cross-cultural research articles are papers
that has participants who are from different racial cultural backgrounds, has a methodology part, and has
results and discussion sections. Please take note that the article is comparative; meaning it compares the
samples or participants with culture as a factor.
What to write?

Students will complete the Comparative Research on Cross-Cultural Families by answering a list of
questions below using the selected article.
In answering the questions below, do not lift words or copy exactly the sentences in the article.
PARAPHRASE or use your own words to summarize the ideas from the article.
Do not list your responses, but use paragraph format. Please use headings to refer to each section. For
example: Aim of the study; Research Participants, Reference
1. Reference or bibliographic entry of your selected article in APA (see example in the first
assignment guidelines):
2. What are the aims and/or research questions of the study?
3. What concepts or ideas did the authors want to study? How were they defined in the study? Read
through the literature background or the introduction part.
4. Describe the participants of the study. Since you are supposed to choose an article of a cross-cultural
study on families, the participants for this study should have different cultural backgrounds. Make sure to
be specific. What are these cultural backgrounds? What are the demographics of the participants?
5. What is the authors’ methodology? How did the authors collect their data? What are the measurements
or research tools that they used?
6. What kind of analytical procedures did the authors use to answer the research questions or achieve the
aims of the study? That is, once the data was collected, how did the author analyze it.
7. What are their general findings and conclusions?
8. After the findings and conclusions, what recommendations were made by the researchers?
9. Reflection: What did you learn from doing this assignment or from reading a comparative research
Grading: TOTAL: 50 Points
Complete answers to each of the 9 questions (5 pts each) = 45
Writing quality (e.g., spelling, grammar, sentence/paragraph
construction, clarity, accuracy, and organization) = 5
(1/2 point (.5) deduction for misspelling grammar, sentence, lack of

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