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I’m stuck on a Economics question and need an explanation.

For your three countries, does greater economic freedom seem associated with greater government success? Discuss.Name of countryEconomic freedom indicesStandard of living(GDP)(Year 2022)Population health(Life Expectancy and Death rate)(Year 2023)Educational attainment(Rate of Unemployment((Year 2022)Quality of their living environment (inflation rate)(Year 2022)Canada76.6$48,720 per capitaLife expectancy: 82.96 yearsDeath rate: 7.940 per 1000 people9.5%0.7%Singapore84.4$97,057 per capitaLife expectancy: 84.07 yearsDeath rate: 5.208 per 1000 people5.2%-0.2%Rwanda69.9$2,337 per capitaLife expectancy: 70.00 yearsDeath Rate: 4.908 per 1000 people1.4%8.0%

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