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 1. Discuss your own experience level with stocks and bonds. What do you think is your top strength and weakness in this area? How do you leverage that strength and work on the weakness in pursuit of financial success (business or personal)? 

2.  How important is corporate governance when it comes to investing in a firm? Does a firm’s social presence need to be considered before an individual decides to invest? Why, or why not? 

3.  Mario Corporation has defective products in its current inventory. It has the opportunity to either sell, scrap, or rebuild the defective products. In your opinion, what should Mario Corporation consider before making its decision? Explain your choice. In your response to a classmate, indicate whether you agree or disagree and why. 

4.  While at work one day, you hear your co-worker state: “The main objective of a firm’s budget is to see how much cash the company will have in the bank at the end of the year.” Do you agree with her comments? Why, or why not? 

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