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Before the time of social media, websites, influencers, and all the stuff we have today, people turned to the news on the radio, TV, or in a local newspaper. People only had access to that and trusted the ways because those were the only things that really existed. But now in today’s world, many people choose to not even turn their tv on or pay for the local newspaper. We the people now turn to social media platforms, blogs, or listen to influencer stories to get our information. There are many sites that people are on and turn to, a couple mentioned, are Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube(Atske, 2021). And I am still determining if there are any resources to back this up, but TikTok is a big one now too. There are so many platforms that everyone uses it is hard to tell if they can be reliable/credible sources or not. And most of the time the information is not coming straight from the source(Lancaster, 2020). When the information goes viral millions and millions of people see it and have access to it. 

Nowadays it is so hard to find information that is biased, and straight from the source. The news is focused on one thing, but any person could view the information differently. I also think sometimes the news also isn’t as reliable as it was years ago because of the different world we live in today. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and every person is allowed to believe what they believe. But sometimes that is hard when looking for credible/reliable sources. Most of these sources have a hard time separating facts from opinions. In my personal opinion, this is not an issue the world needs to focus on because at the end of the day, everyone is still going to believe only what they want to believe, and no one is gonna change their minds. We have the right to do so, and no one with any power will be able to change that. In the first amendment, there is freedom of the press that helps assure that the media will be able to expose information without fear of censorship to inform the public of the truth(Lancaster, 2020). Nowadays it is beneficial to do your research and find information, from a credible and reliable source, other than social media platforms and the other sites we can get our information from before running with it. We the people have that advantage nowadays that we can go out to search for those answers instead of only having limited options. 


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