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Help with my Literature review

Nursing Leadership: Case Study with Evidence Based Research and Literature Review Guidelines

Purpose: The literature review is assigned to introduce the nursing student to evidence-based

research, using online databases to research scholarly references, and writing scholarly work in

APA format.

Topic: Effective delegation and supervision

Course Objectives:

This assignment enables the students to meet the following course objective (CO):

CO 2: The various components of a nursing practice act

CO 5: Differences in beliefs and values of diverse populations as a critical component of

nursing practice

Student Learning Outcomes:

This assignment enables the student to meet the following student learning outcome (SLO):

SLO 2: Apply elements of the Illinois Nurse Practice Act in the provision of nursing care.

SLO 12: Integrate respect for differences in beliefs and values of others as a critical

component of nursing practice.

SLO 21: Describe workforce strategies that support efficient and effective quality patient care.

and promote improved work environments for nurses.

SLO 25: Communicate effectively with diverse intergenerational and interdisciplinary team.

members, patient and families.

Criteria for Format

1. Paper (excluding title page and reference page) at least 1-page.

2. The paper should include an introduction, body, and conclusion. Information should be clear and concise.

3. Times New Roman 12 point. Double space.

4. Minimum of 2 scholarly references must be used. References must be current within the

past 5 years or less. Use scholarly work outside your course books.

5. Title, body, and reference page must follow APA guidelines.

6. Citations and references must be used.

7. As per the current APA manual rules of grammar, spelling, word usage, and punctuation


Case Study for Literature Review

Read the case study and guided questions to help trigger ideas with your research for your paper. Research evidence -based literature that best supports the theme of this case. Include a written review of three (2) scholarly references.

Effective Delegation and Supervision

The hospital facility where Shawn Jones, RN, works has recently begun supplementing unit staffing with unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP). Shawn will be working with three UAPs on his unit and is very concerned about his supervisory role. Shawn discusses the situation with his nurse manager, Carlene Brown, MSN, RN. Carlene exp

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