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I need you to write conclusion on this project.

Group Project 2 – Part 1

Varinder Kaur – 2013005

Mustafa Syed Aziz Ahmed – 2015491

Kumbhar Satyajeet Ashok – 2103530

Randhava Arpan Kaur – 2107784

Shah Harsh Kumar – 2128034

Poonith Sadanand Bangera – 2109008

University Canada West


Prof. Doust, Afshin

12th Feb 2023

Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary: 3
2. Project Overview: 3
3. Network Diagrams: 3
4. Task Dependencies: 3
5. Resource Allocation: 3
6. Project Crashing: 3
7. Project Closure Report: 3
8. Conclusion: 3
9. Recommendations: 3
10. Appendix: 3


Executive Summary:

The executive summary provides a brief overview of the entire project report, including the project’s objectives, scope, and outcomes.


Project Overview:

The project overview provides a detailed explanation of the project, including its purpose, goals, and the benefits it will provide.


Network Diagrams:

This section includes a link to the exc

el sheet that shows the forward pass, backward pass, and critical path.


Task Dependencies:

Without Leveling


Resource Allocation:

This section includes links to two separate Projectlibre files; one file with resource over allocation and the second file showing after resources have been leveled.


Project Crashing:

The main motive behind crashing a project is to shorten the overall time taken to complete the project. It is done by reducing the time taken to complete individual task within the project by deploying additional resources. However, the project manager has to be varied of the deployment of additional resources

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