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Read “The Lion Who Flinched” by Jed Selter Chapter 7

Spirit of the Lion – Lesson Four 
Focus for Common Purpose and Act on That Basis.  Value What Each Group Member Brings to Our Common Purpose 
If we can define and agree on our group’s common purpose and focus, it will help us work together for common results and aim for what is best for all of us. 
Each of us committing to act toward fulfilling our common purpose will help us identify and resolve issues effectively. 
This behavior will help each of us to empathize with each other and to respect and appreciate what value each of us can contribute to fulfill our common objectives and goals. 

Identify and write down the name of a professional or social group in which you are a member. 

• Does this group have a stated common purpose?  Has it been discussed and agreed to by all in the group?  If so, good.  If not, start the dialogue for a common purpose to be defined and agreed on. 

• Think about the value that each member of the group brings to the group and to its common purpose.  Write these down. 

• Write down your view of what you believe you bring to the group. 

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The purpose for this discussion: The book “The Lion Who Flinched” identifies specific leadership traits in a story with examples that can be applied to our own experience. These questions allow us to reflect on our own experiences and perceptions about the common purpose and ask us to relate to a specific example. Sharing these observations and reflections with others offers additional insights into your own experience and learning. 

Criteria for success: Response to each of the questions and how it relates to your own experience.

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