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Professional Issues in Counseling and Mental Health Case Analysis #2

A. Select one of the three dilemmas below for the second and final case analysis assignment. For this case/dilemma analysis, be sure to:

· include three resources beyond your text (law websites, scholarly resources) as well as two to three references to your text (i.e., relevant chapters to your selected dilemma) as part of step 7

· utilize your belief self-analysis results (taken at the beginning of the semester) when completing step 8

· utilize the “How culture is an iceberg” when completing step 9

· include CMR 262 s

· include a note to your assigned professor on the changes you made in your approach to and completion of case/dilemma #2 compared to #1

B. See Grading Rubric in Canvas

Ethical Dilemma Choice #1

Kevin is a mental health counseling therapist at a large community mental health agency serving several communities. Kevin is also a site clinical supervisor with the Master’s level counseling internship program at the local university. During the process of supervision and mentoring, Kevin takes a special liking to one of the interns, Miguel, who shows tremendous potential as a group and family therapist. Kevin learns that Miguel also likes to play racquetball and invites Miguel to play racquetball with him.

As the semester progresses, Kevin comments to Miguel that they have developed a friendship that will extend beyond the internship. Kevin also informed Miguel that he had connections with a nearby mental health agency where there will be a therapist position open soon after the internship ends and that he is willing to help Miguel secure that position.

After a group supervision meeting, Kevin reveals to the other intern that he and Miguel play racquetball together and that he will provide support for Miguel’s pursuit of an opening at the nearby mental health agency. The interns suspect that Kevin is favoring Miguel based on case assignments, supervision availability and feedback to university faculty. Several interns are considering reporting the perceived favoritism to the university faculty and program coordinator as well as the director of the mental health agency where Kevin works.

Follow the assigned steps of the Pope et al. (2016) decision- making model to determine the optimal courses of action.

Ethical Dilemma Choice #2

Karina, a mental health counselor, specializing in child focused therapy, received a phone call from Ms. Callon regarding concerns about her 12 year old daughter, Serena. Karina conducts an intake interview with Ms. Callon and explains to Serena the nature of the services in a manner she understands, including limits of confidentiality. Ms. Callon agreed to receive general information about Serena. Ms. Callon reports that Serena is experiences bullying at scho

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