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ENGL 1102 argumentative essay. Choose 
one of the following prompts and write an essay of approximately 600-700 words. You will choose your own topic, which should be at least somewhat controversial and important to at least a segment of the population. It does not, however, have to be political or deal with an issue of national significance. It could just be an issue that resonates locally, like Atlanta traffic or our new sports stadiums. Or it could be about something of particular interest to you personally, perhaps relating to a hobby or pastime of yours, like sports or music. You are not required to use outside sources for this essay (except on the last option, obviously), but you may use up to three sources if you wish. Just be sure to document them appropriately using MLA 8 or 9 style.

1. Write a straightforward, thesis-and-support, “ENGL 1101-style” argumentative essay on a topic of your choice. You may, if you believe it’s appropriate, address one or more counterclaims as part of your argument.

2. Write an ostensibly “informative” essay that actually makes an underlying argument.

3. Make an argument that is either completely couched in a story, like Marc Fitten’s “Cushioning the Blow,” or that begins with a story which then leads into a more traditional-style argument.

4. Write a satirical argument in the style of either “I Want a Wife” or “A Modest Proposal.” For example, you could write about being a brother or sister, a son or daughter, a student, or an employee. Or you could offer your own “modest proposal” on a topic like college financial aid, mass transit or other transportation issues, health care “reform,” “fixing” the economy, or the parking situation at your high school.

5. Choose a recent newspaper or magazine editorial with which you strongly disagree and write a concession/rebuttal style argument in response. Alternatively, you may address a common point of view rather than a specific editorial.

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