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Respond to the Classmate’s Discussion (below) as you would in a
face-to face class by stating why you agree and asking questions
pertaining to the discussion.

A whistleblower is an individual who, without authorization, reveals private or
classified information about an organization, usually related to wrongdoing or
misconduct. Whistleblowers generally state that such actions are motivated by a
commitment to the public interest. The whistleblowing of Edward Snowden and Karen
Silkwood are prime examples they both were whistleblowers. Edward Snowden who is
famous CIA whistleblower also, he is a American and naturalized Russian former
computer intelligence consultant who leaked highly classified information from the
National Security Agency in 2013. Also, Karen Silkwood who is classified as a real
example of whistleblower she is the first prominent nuclear power whistleblower who
worked as a chemical technician. Dr. Wigand who is a former Vice President for a
Research and development for Brown and Williamson Tobacco Corporation who
became one of the best-known whistleblowers after he exposed tobacco companies for
intentionally boosting the nicotine in cigarettes. Which was making their customers
addictive and can eventually cause cancer for people. The actions that he took for
exposing the companies came with consequences and like other whistleblowers he dealt
with stress and death threats.

Dr. Wigand showed moral intelligence by exposing what was happening by taking
a stand for what was wrong and right, and he risked his career and life due to death
threats for the customers that were being exposed. He seen that adding additional
nicotine to increase the customers addiction is morally and ethically wrong, and he made
sure he took a stand for what he believes is correct. His biggest accomplishment was
making sure that they were exposed, and something was done about it. Also, he did not
let the death threats deter his feeling of what was right. For example, with some
exceptions, whistleblowers working for the federal government are protected by the
whistleblower Protection Enhancement act (WPEA). Organizational wrongdoing remains
a persistent, prevalent problem, one that leads to exponentially more injuries, deaths,
and cost than street crime in the United States each year Richardson, Brian (2022). We
argue instead for a responsibility to protect whistleblowers exposed to vulnerability, a
duty owed by those upon whose behalf they speak Kenny, Kate & Fotaki, Marianna

Richardson, Brian; Garner K. Brian Johnny (2022). Stakeholders Attributions of

Whistleblowers: The Effects of Complicity and Motives on Perceptions of
Likeability, Credibility, and Legitimacy. International Journal of Business
Communication, 23294884, Jul2022, Vol. 59, Issue 3

Kenny, Kate; Fotaki, Marianna (2023). The Cost and Labour of Whistle

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