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–  should be 
750-1000 words

– You need to use 
two sources, one should be the CDC Web page. The other can be a source that defines ethos, logos, and pathos (you can use the textbook for this paper).

-Focus on the CDC’s use of rhetorical devices (ethos, pathos, and logos), rather than on ADHD.


How are ethos, pathos, and logos utilized on the webpage? The thesis should be a one or two-sentence statement answering this question: What conclusions have you drawn in your analysis of the rhetorical situation in this document?

E.g., The CDC effectively utilizes ethos, pathos, and logos to unobtrusively inform and provide comfort to parents, caregivers, and those suffering from ADHD. 

Basic Formula:

Identify subject (CDC webpages on ADHD) and 
how well they use the appeals to persuade the target audience for their 
intended purpose.


*You may want to have one body paragraph for audience and purpose, and one for each of the appeals ethos, pathos, and logos. Then conclude, and you are done!

A topic sentence for the rhetorical analysis should include a statement about audience and purpose or how the website uses the rhetorical tool and/or the definition of the rhetorical tool. For the rhetorical analysis, you want to have a paragraph for audience and purpose, ethos, pathos, and logos. That is the most logical way to organize it.

The paragraphs will consist of stating your claim either about audience and purpose/background information or how well the author uses 
one of the appeals , then provide examples/support, explain how the examples and support relate to your claim, then conclude, either by related what you just said back to your thesis or relating what you just said to the next paragraph and move on to the next paragraph.

How to structure topic sentences and paragraphs:

Audience and purpose:

The audience and purpose of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) webpages on ADHD … The audience is…because (provide example/reason you think this is the target audience). The purpose is (provide example/reason). Please be sure that it is clear or explain how your examples support your claims about audience and purpose. Conclude-Transitioned to next paragraph.

Appeals Paragraph example:

The CDC establishes credibility, or ethos, successfully on its webpages about ADHD. Support-2 examples/(in-text citation). Please be sure to explain how your examples support your claims about how well the appeal is used.

Conclude-Transitioned to next paragraph

**Paragraph: Claim, support, explain, conclude

Example of support:

“Get Help!”- title of a page on

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