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Sometimes it’s hard to relate math to real life situations and that can make math seem intimidating in a classroom setting. However we use math in daily life more than we probably realize. This video that I watched talks about using math (polynomials) to loose weight.  It talks about how: net calorie=calories from eating and drinking- calories burned from your body, so positive net calories=weight gain, negative net calories= weight loss. So basically this video talks about how to write in math form a weightloss plan and to see if these specific examples are going to make someone gain weight//loose weight//or stay the same. 

so if you use the example of Net calorie=calorie intake-(BMR x Activity level) 

if for example Joe has a low activity level of 1.2, but eats 3600 calories per day and based off weight his BMR is 1973 then the equation would look like:

Net Calories=3600-(1973 x 1.2)

=1232.4 calories 

So for this particular person they would have weight gain. This video was easy to understand and explained how to use polynomials in real life situations. 

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