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Write an initial post of any length in which you:


· Review the Learning Resources and Course Announcement.

· Review the NOHS ethical guidelines.

· Consider what situations may require application of the NOHS ethical guidelines and how those guidelines can inform your teaching practice.

· Note that Discussions in the Human Services PhD program are areas for sharing ideas, reflecting on current research, and building community. Therefore, your grade, and the evaluation of your Discussion, will be based on the content and quality of your ideas. Note that APA style citations, references, and standard punctuation 
will not be assessed or graded. Do cite your sources in this Discussion for practice. Also, as a human services professional and doctoral student, you should always maintain a professional and academic tone. Please focus on shaping your ideas and supporting your claims with examples and research when applicable. Note that every course has its own standards and requirements, so it is important to always check those requirements for each course and each assignment.


Write an initial post of any length in which you:

· Describe a potential educational situation that raises an ethical issue. You may consider issues that relate to creating a course, teaching a course, grading or assessing student work, or interacting with students. 
Do not address the issue. You are only responsible for sharing a potential hypothetical ethical issue in human services education.


Required Resources: FERPA and the National Organization for Human Services (NOHS)

These resources provide information on FERPA requirements and NOHS guidelines, both of which are important in human services education and will help you complete the Discussion and Quiz.

· U.S. Department of Education. (n.d.-a). 

FERPA: 34 CFR part 99—Family educational rights and privacyLinks to an external site.
. https://studentprivacy.ed.gov/node/548/

· Collins, S., Schmitt, T., & Vance, A. (2018, October). 

FERPA 101 for higher educationLinks to an external site.
. Student Privacy Compass. https://studentprivacycompass.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/FPF-HE-FERPA-101-1.pdf

· National Organization for Human Services. (n.d.). 
Responsibility to students

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