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As a DNP Prepared nurse, how will you critically appraise available literature for application to practice? Include in your answer a brief description of search engines to use, techniques for refining your search, and how/when to apply research findings to practice. In your answer, address information found in your text book as well as other assigned readings for the week. (SLO 4.1, CO 4)

The above is discussion question and should be write relate to the below module student learning and course objective

During this module, you will build on that experience as you turn your focus to theory, research and scholarship.

Student Learning Outcomes:

M4 – SLO 1: Compile expectations of the DNP nurse in theory, research, and scholarship. (CO4, CO6)

M4 – SLO 2: Propose methods for critical appraisal of scholarly literature. (CO6, CO7)

Course Objectives:

CO 4: Consider the role of the DNP in collaboration with interprofessional healthcare providers.

CO 6: Appraise literature and theory in relation to clinical scholarship and analytic methods for evidence based practice.

CO 7: Relate the role of the DNP to personal practice as it relates to scholarship, theory, and research.

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